Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday, WOW a true rest day

BIG BIG thanks to my daughter who slept in until 9:30.  It really helps to "rest" when you have an extra hour to just lay in bed and relax.

Yesterday for cross training, my supportive triathlete (hopefully future ironman) hubby biked with me and my daughter for 30 minutes around the neighborhood.  The weather is has been pretty mild for August in Chicago, so I am really taking advantage of being outdoors.

This past Saturday was my long run, a big whopping 5 miles.  Whoopee, I did it though.  I was very discouraged in the first mile.  My knee had a slight throbbing pain, it was getting a bit hotter and running outside scares me in the fact that I might run out of water.  All was well after that first mile, which is usually my problem.  I have to mentally get myself through it and then all is well.  I did it in an hour and 5 min.  Just a bit over a 12 min. pace which isn't too shabby for someone who has been in physical therapy for the last 4 months.

Tomorrow is another three miles.  Looks like it's going to warm up, so I will just treadmill it at home.  Big thanks to my daughter who also sleeps 3 hours during the day.  She's really growing!!

Have a great week!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fridays are rest days ... not for a stay at home mom though !!! HA

Rest day for a stay at home mom, is there really such a thing?  If I'm not cleaning or picking up after my daughter, I am doing laundry or cooking.  There is no such thing as rest.  Days are gone when I worked full time in front of a computer.  When I would sit in a chair 8 hours a day and browse the internet and look for good sales.  Gone are the days of high heels and work clothes, replaced with comfy flats, knits instead of wovens, t-shirts instead of button downs, capri pants instead of skirts.

So it's my rest day, and what do I do instead?  I walked, about 7 miles today.  I am fortunate to live close to a really nice mall, and I walked to it twice today :)  (Hmmmm fortunate for me, not so fortunate for my hubby!)
How will this affect my 5 mile long run tomorrow.  Guess we will see.  No treadmill tomorrow, too, it's time to take it outside in the nice weather.  Thankfully Chicagoland is cooling down, I was getting pretty tired of the 90-100 degree weather.  I did some carb loading.  Not too much, just a few bites of angel hair marinara.    It's just 5 miles after all.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Training for a race!! Is it even possible?

Hello!  Thank you for stopping by my blog,  my outlet to talk about my journey to run a few races and keep healthy in general as a stay at home mom.  Just to give a background, I never liked to run or do any activity in my twenties and I paid the price for "letting myself go".  Prior to meeting my husband, I started dieting.  When we started dating, we had our routine of going to work out.  After several months of hard work, I was down 20 pounds and very comfortable with myself and just 5 pounds short of my goal weight.  Now here I am, married and a stay at home mom to my beautiful 18 month old daughter.  Life couldn't be better except the fact that I have a few pounds to lose from the baby weight.  I was on my way and running again.  I was able to run the Hot Chocolate 15K (9.3 miles) 10 months after she was born.  Then winter came and so did the registration for the Chicago Marathon 2012.  Plans were looking great until my ill fated day of when I had a bad fall from skiing in Park City and with it came a partially torn ligament and one sprained ligament.  Needless to say, there went my hopes to run the Chicago Marathon.  In order for me to run, I need a goal, a race to train for.  So now my new goal is the Chicago Monster Dash Half Marathon and my 12 week training is now commencing.  Hopefully I can make the time for it.

WHAT?  You sit at home all day, how do you not have the time to run a few miles 4 days a week?
Hmmmm is all I can say to you.  Well if you can ask that, you clearly don't have a child or you have a full time nanny.  I don't have the latter, so I have to wait for naps or when my daughter is sleeping in order to run.  For the past week, I have been running during naps.  I have put down the laundry basket and vacuum cleaner and lace up my shoes instead.  This is hard for me, I have a beautiful house that I want clean at all times, but with my 18 month old it's virtually impossible to have a spotless house.  I have come to grips with that and have lowered my expectations that I have on myself to maintain a spotless house.  I do however always have dinner ready and waiting for my hubby ( i love him so!).  

Other issues that I need to deal with is FOOD!  I love food, and I bake all the time.  I pass by the kitchen and take a bite here, nibble there and I eat bad.  Especially after a run, I am so hungry because it's way past lunch time and I also have a mentality that since I just lost 400+ calories, I can eat whatever.  NOPE!  I need to stop.  Just because my daughter is eating a PB&J sandwich doesn't mean that I can have one too (maybe just a bite or two though?)  

So here I am , week two of training in my 12 week program to run a half marathon.  Here is the program that I am following:

I happily have done my weekday runs this week.  I am very sore and it feels great.  Hopefully I find the time to do my long run.  Sadly my pace is not where I would like it to be, it's currently at a 12.5min/mile pace, I want to be at least at a 11.5 min pace, but I have to deal with mental issues of my knee giving in and me falling flat on my face on the treadmill.  I don't want to push myself!

Wish me luck and thank you again for reading!!